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Worst id game

Worst id game?  

25 members have voted

  1. 1. Worst id game?

    • Quake (1)
    • Quake 2
    • Quake 3 Arena
    • Other

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The only edge Quake has on Doom imo is the tech.

Doom has a better feel to it and no, I'm not talkin' nostalgic value here. Weapon sounds are cooler, enemies are varied with the weakest being as weak as they SHOULD and the strongest being as tough as they should too.
Quake's enemies are all just too tough, or the weapons just aren't powerful enough.
Then there's the music, but I don't want to start a music discussion so I just state that this is my opinion.
Also: Doom had a lot of cool 'small' details that Quake couldn't handle because of tech limits ("reload" animations, squished bodies, better-looking bloodspattering etc.)

And let's not forget about the colouring.

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Controls: DOOM = QUAKE
Weapons: DOOM > QUAKE
Monsters: DOOM = QUAKE
Textures: DOOM < QUAKE
Level visuals: DOOM < QUAKE
Level design/gameplay: DOOM = QUAKE
Sounds: DOOM > QUAKE
Atmosphere: DOOM = QUAKE
Technology: DOOM < QUAKE
Multiplayer: DOOM = QUAKE


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By the way, you may think that "technology" itself doesn't matter if just the game is good, but take into account things like editing...

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Controls: DOOM = QUAKE - disagree. Quake's controls suck imo - I'm a lot more accurate with my shots in Q2 and Q3A

Weapons: DOOM > QUAKE - agreed

Monsters: DOOM = QUAKE - almost agree. I still think Doom has the sweetest monsters.

Textures: DOOM < QUAKE - agreed

Level visuals: DOOM < QUAKE - I would agree if it wasn't for all the browness.

Level design/gameplay: DOOM = QUAKE - DISAGREE!!! Quake's gameplay sux0rs imho. I've already explained numerous times why I feel that way.

Music: DOOM > QUAKE - agreed

Sounds: DOOM > QUAKE - agreed, but *some* of Quake's sounds are better.

Atmosphere: DOOM = QUAKE - agreed

Technology: DOOM < QUAKE - agreed

Multiplayer: DOOM = QUAKE - agreed

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