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Household Oddities | DL Link

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Introducing a brand new weapons mod by BloodyAcid, featuring (at the moment) 3 weapons and a prop! Each weapon includes unique animations and self drawn sprites, with complete attacks too. Perfect for enhancing gameplay and DM with a new sense of awesome! The inspiration for this is the reality of a zombie apocalypse. Not everyone has a spare BFG9000 lying around, so these weapons are practical, albeit stronger.

Current Features
-Fully animated Frying Pan with an altfire [Summon fryingpan]
->Complete with Sounds
->Pickup Sprite

-Fully animated Throwing Toiletpaper with an altfire [Summon toiletroll]
->Complete with angled projectile
->Pickup Sprite

-Fully animated Pineapple Clubbing with an altfire [summon <No pickup sprite yet>]

-Stationary Secret Prop
Skulltag forums for helping me with Decorate.
Demon Eclipse for providing hand sprites.
ZDoom forums for the hand templates.

Programs Used
Photoshop CS3 Extended
Slade 3

DL Link
Frying Pan: http://www.mediafire.com/?9p78ldhvpalpy9w (157.84 KB)

~~Also, accepting any ideas and input for any future progress~~

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I have always wondered how humorous it would be to hear the clang (for lack of better word) sound of a frying pan when killing an enemy with one.

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Here is a DL Link, New video AND some changes! Many thanks to Southpark2010 for ripping the Postal 2 sounds.

After acting on some well recieved criticism, I've made several changes to the frying pan and included a download link :D What's new:

+2 New Sounds (Courtesy of Southpark2010)
+New AltFire
+New Swinging
+Lowered Damage

DL Link (Pan ONLY):

Music Used: Fresh by 23

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I predict that this wad will win every 2012 Cacoward, even the Best Multiplayer category. Because who DOESN'T love wrapping opponents in toilet paper and beating them with a cast-iron skillet?

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Well, this should be interesting. Can't wait for the final result. :)

BloodyAcid posted this screenshot:
http://i39.tinypic.com/2jb1xt4.png (the one with the pineapple)

Personally, that's not how I would do the arms (It's... well, too hairy). But hey, everyone has their own way of designing weapons. ;)

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Hairy means manly. And you have to be super manly to make people explode when you whack them upside the head with a skillet.

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And it's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! This time, shown in this video are the toilet rolls, where you can cover up the walls of Doom with them. There's an altfire and a primary fire, where one fires faster than the other, but the other deals more damage.

+Smooth Animations
+Dynamic Projectile
+Primary & Altfire

Summon toiletroll (don't remember if there's an s)

DL Link (Toiletroll ONLY):

Song used: Undercat by Tristam ft. Zealot

And here's another small preview of a weapon to be: The can of Axe deodorant and lighter: (Credits to ZDoom hand template and me for managing to extend them)

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