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How to make monsters and weapons not respwan in a Hub game

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Playing around with a hub Zdoom wad and I've gotten the hub to work. But the monsters and weapons I have on map 1 reset when I go back to map 1. What am I missing?

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Maybe I shouldn't answer because I'm not totally sure of the answer, but it should work if you keep everything in the same map cluster and make sure your map cluster is defined as a hub in your MAPINFO as well.

I've not personally done this so I couldn't say exactly how, but I would assume that your MAPINFO should look something like this:

map yourmap01 "Your Map Name"
cluster 1

map yourmap02 "Your Second Map Name"
cluster 1

clusterdef 1

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Obviously if you have done it correctly, it would work. Try posting your MAPINFO setup and maybe someone can dissect it and figure out the problem.

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