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Dual Monitor Setup

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Tech savvy doomworlders, need your help.

Just got a second monitor recently. I now have a 22 and 23 inch monitor. My video card has a DVI, VGA, and HDMI port. Right now, the new monitor (the 23 inch) is hooked up with DVI. The color is great. However, the color on the older monitor, which now uses VGA, is...not right. It has a yellow/greenish color to it. I've tried messing with the color settings for that monitor to no avail. If I connect the older one using the DVI (as was done previously before I received the new monitor) the color was just like the one with the new monitor with the DVI connection.

I assume the color mess up has something to do with VGA? Does VGA support less colors than DVI? Will an HDMI to DVI cable fix this?

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Actually, if you are on Windows 7, this may be a problem with your color profile. A similar thing happened to me after changing one of my monitors at work from DVI to VGA.

Unfortunately I do not remember how to fix it, but I can tell you that it involved changing a registry key.

This is another bug in Windows 7.

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