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Monitor repairability?

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So, I use a ViewSonic G220fb (a CRT), but it recently went belly up on me. It still barely works, but it's not usable at all. Whenever it doesn't have a signal, the image is a little too bright, extremely, extremely blurry, and very low contrast, I can barely make out the "no input signal" message box, and it has some slight color bends across the screen. Whenever it does get a signal, it's completely blank and black (the brightness issue isn't there like when it's idle).

If I'm able to find a place that services CRTs, would this likely be fixable?

In the mean time, I've been using a really shitty IBM G50 monitor that was lying around in the basement, it's so blurry, I can barely read any text.

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Looks like the tube power amps/level compensating circuits have gone bad -in ye olde days, depending on the make of TV/monitor this used to be fixable, maybe as easy as a recapping. Unless you are skilled in this sort of DIY work however, I'd suggest taking it to a TV technician -he'll likely be able to fix it.

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If you're lucky it might be nothing worse than a faulty capacitor or two, though I wouldn't attempt a DIY repair since the monitor's bound to be a live-chassis model - which are hazardous to work on without a mains isolation transformer.

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