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My new Doom2 wadfile. preview wad for download.

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I need feedback on this wadfile. This is an Ultimate Doom wadfile for E4M1. I think this could be a better wadfile than what I showed before. Tell me what you think about this wadfile and how I could improve it. I just thought that if I was using Ultimate Doom and Gstone and wood, I could make something that is actually worth playing.

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Kinda hard to judge from a video or a picture. But from what i see it
look quite decent, it has that retro look to it.
Looking forward for your work!

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Looks very flat in my opinion, with enormous but underdetailed rooms. This seems to be a problem with most of your works. Maybe try to make smaller, more compact maps, like in Doom's first episode for example. And make better use of 3rd dimension. It is very cool when action takes place on different height levels in the same room.

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