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xwadtools updated (again)

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First time forum poster, been lurking a while...

Found the old "xwadtools updated" thread, but the download link was broken... so I got to looking at the xwadtools code myself, and ended up doing quite a bit of work on it.

For anyone interested, it's hosted here:

Currently there are no binaries (there will be some for Win32 Real Soon Now). This isn't a release, it's a work-in-progress, and kind of a mess (see the TODO file). Hopefully Google Code won't disappear any time soon, so even if I get run over by a bus tomorrow, someone will be able to make some use of this.

Short list of new features:

- All of Andre Amajorel's patches have been integrated, plus a few from Gentoo, Debian, and/or FreeBSD.

- Support for x86_64

- Several new tools

- Bug fixes and enhancements for many existing tools

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Whoops, typo'ed the name, sorry about that.

The new tools are described on the linked page in the post... with bad formatting. Here's a better version:

- midi3mus, open source replacement for midi2mus

- wadwhich, determines which game a random .wad file is for

- wadconvgame, attempts to convert levels from one game to another

- wadconvgfx, make a PWAD for one game, containing graphics from another

- spitwad, really an old tool by John Carmack, newly added to xwadtools

midi3mus came from this forum BTW. wadwhich, wadconvgfx, wadconvgame are mine (my fault if they suck, too).

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Pretty cool stuff. Wadconvgame would serve to be pretty useful for the stuff that I am trying to do.

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No Doom64 EX support... yet.

Well, lswad can show the contents of doom64.wad, and wadext can extract raw lumps from it, that's something. wadldc actually segfaults trying to decompile a map (not surprising it doesn't work, but dumping core on bogus input is terrible behaviour).

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