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okay so.. I saw a gameplay video of doom 3 with "SikkMod" which got me interested. so i reinstalled the game and am playing through with sikkmod and wulfens texture pack. game looks absolutely gorgeous, as good as any other game out there graphics wise IMO. i have run into a game breaking problem though. for whatever reason, some sounds are EXTREMELY LOUD. like.. hearing loss inducing loud. makes playing on headphones unbearable. i have to turn my volume all the way to minimum which just ruins the atmosphere of the game since doom 3's ambience was so great. the main sound giving me trouble is this shriek the Maggots make. there are other random sound ques like glass breaking or pipes venting that are extremely loud too. oddly, some sounds are relatively quiet.

i dont know if its the mod or settings or whats going on. i wish there was some way to normalize the volume of all sound effects. im thinking theres some CVAR values I could change to reduce the dynamic dB range.

anyone have any ideas before i just mute the game and throw on music or something? (this would be a shame, d3 had great sound).

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