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Blood's Spray Can

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For Household Oddities, I'm doing something similar to the Blood Spray Can. I need help with the actual attack; I don't know how to go about simulating a random spray can fire.

I've taken a look at ZBlood and the can recreation, but it doesn't work because it calls on a 'BFireTrail' when firing, which doesn't exist in Skulltag, as far as I'm aware of.

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Doesn't exist in ZDoom either, so it's definitely a custom actor you'll find somewhere else in the mod.

You might want to load ZBlood, then type this in the console:
logfile list.txt

Then quit and look through list.txt to find where exactly BFireTrail is declared.

This console command is very useful when dealing with pk3 mods.

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!!! After looking through the DECORATE for the 10th time, I've finally found it :O Weird how I missed it before. Thanks Gez~

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