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Haven't been on here in a while...
Anyways I wanted to post this for some feedback it's just a concept map with some bad grammar to entertain myself. Basically I want to make a survival horror mod. What I have here is far from complete and I'm not going to add to it. Doors aren't traditional, the player goes 35% of the original speed. The level took like 2 minutes to map so it's not very pretty. Check out the script if you will and possibly give me alternate ways to do some of the things that I want to do. And I'll pre-thank you now... Thank you.


You need GZDOOM!!!

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2 things I see.

1) You might want to tweak the movement frames for the player. I was not a big fan of the jumpyness of the movement.

2) For you scripts it would save time and code space if you made a function for the door coding. Your scripts would call the door function and send the teleport thing id as a value. That way you won't have to write basically the same code block for every single door.

I think this could be fun. The mapping might be a challenge in so far as pacing for this type of game. I really like the baron trick. I did not quite understand how it worked.

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Well, it does not work quite right. I did not know that you could not run a delay inside of a function.

But the general idea is this:

int spwnid;

script 1 (void)
spwnid = 1;

function int dooruse(int thing)
fadeto (0, 0, 0, 1.0, 0.5);
delay(10*2); (except the delay wont work)
fadeto (0, 0, 0, 0, 0.5

So that is the code you would need. but like I said, the delay wont work, so it looses some of the effect.

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not sure. Seems like that might be something to adjust under MAPINFO lump. Another option would be to make this a hub game. Then in the map info you could change the wipe type from melt(default) to crossfade. This would mkae a bunch of different levels, but it would cut out all of that scripting.

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