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DeiMWolf 0.9.1 Released!

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It has literally been years since I last did a release for DeiMWolf. As of last Friday a new version, 0.9.1, is now available for download. You can find it at:


DeiMWolf is a recreation of Wolfenstein 3D using DooM Legacy. The version of Legacy this mod works best with is version 1.42. This mod works under DooM or Ultimate DooM.

(Don't bust my hump about Legacy being old and outdated. It is the port this mod started in the ancient past, and that's why it is still in Legacy now.)

If you can not find Legacy 1.42 there is a copy of it included with The Ultimate Chex Quest Phase II beta 3.


What's new in this version?

- All three original Wolfenstein levels are present, not just the first episode. (Nocturnal Missions not included.)

- All enemies from the original levels are now included and working properly. You even get to battle Hitler at the end.

- Music based on the originals are present on all the levels. A lot of the music released by Bobby Prince is used, but also tunes extracted and converted by myself and Cleavland Rock are present.

DeiMWolf uses a raised view height to simulate a roughly 30% increase in resolution over the standard DooM resolution. That is why the view height bobs up at the beginning of each level. (Again, don't bug me about it being Legacy and ZDooM having higher res. I already know about that.)

The mod is still far from finished. The sprites are still rescaled versions of the original W3D sprites or the sprites from the Mac version. It is intended that these will all be replaced by original graphics in the future.

There is a version for GZDooM in the works that may be out in the next week or two.

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Imp said:

..Legacy..I forgot all about that port.

Unfortunately, it's just how I remember it.


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Rather than just saying the face is "fugly", you could actually be helpful and give suggestions on how to improve it.

Any chance of that?

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