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Interesting wads for Hexen, which are looks like original and deathkings

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Dear forum members!

Could you please recommend wads for Hexen, which meet next conditions:

1) Should look like the original or deathkings:

- it should have puzzles, also hard puzzles
- weapons (at least some of them) should be in hidden places, so it is not easy to find them
- should be impossible to assemble weapon 4 without discovering and finishing secret map

2) Should be hard, but not very much (both - monsters and puzzles).

In other words - for example, you want to finish original Hexen or Deathkings, but the problem is next: you already know everything about these levels, so it will not be interesting to finish them again (especially this is actual, if you finished original and addon several times).

What wad for Hexen you will choose in this case, if you want to receive approximately same impressions as you received during first finishing of the original Hexen and desthkings?

The only wad (which I think will meet this criterias) I know for today - is "Hexen : Curse of the demon lord" by kristus, but it's under construction, so not an option.

Thank you in advance.

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Yeah, but it won't play in Doomsday 1.8.6 as theleo wants.

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Gez said:

Yeah, but it won't play in Doomsday 1.8.6 as theleo wants.

I didn't see that part, so my bad, I guess.

It's worth firing up a different port to play Scourge of Viscerus though, in pretty much the same way that it's worth switching ports to play Vader's Thunder Peak or Skillsaw's "Hanging Gardens". ;)

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chopkinsca said:

Only one I can recall off the top of my head is Caldera:

DeathevokatioN said:

Hexen: Scourge of Viscerus is a must play for sure. Great looking levels with great gameplay.


Thanks - will try this!

Gez said:

Yeah, but it won't play in Doomsday 1.8.6 as theleo wants.

I will try to play this in GZDoom, because, as I understand, this is masterpiece

DeathevokatioN said:Vader's Thunder Peak or Skillsaw's "Hanging Gardens". ;) [/B]

Are these ones for Hexen too?

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DeathevokatioN said:

I didn't see that part, so my bad, I guess

I deleted section 1. There are 2 reasons for this:

1) I tested Scourge of Viscerus with noclip on some maps, and figured out that this is pretty awesome wad!

The reasons are under spoiler (please do not read spoiler, if you still not finished this wad and plan to finish it in future):


The most important reason is the final Heresiarch boss: they made him in way I made "improved D'sparil" on my "L-LITE" test wad (you can run map 3 8 (with heretic iwad) on my wad and compare D'sparil from my wad to Heresiarch from Scourge of Viscerus):



Espeacially his constant attacks with "Bishop's fireballs" made me nostalgy about DSparil's constant firemace attacks from my wad.

Also some of his attacks was "more multiple fireballs at the same line, than usual" - the same idea I used for "super shotgun analog" (called "blood crossbow") in my wad.

2) I figured out, how to import hires textures from JHexen to GZDoom. Now I'm trying to figure out how to import models, particles and lights.

So I decided to remove "only Doomsday" condition.

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