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DoomRL released !! (with TILES)

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Wasn't sure where to post this.. but the new version of Doom Rougelike has been released over at http://doom.chaosforge.org !!

Comes with high quality music and sound effects !

I've been playing the tiles version on #!Crunchbang Linux over the past few days.. it's pretty awesome.

Nice change of game play style still within the realm of the "Doomverse"

Check it out

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Ah, seems cool. I remember playing some very old versions of it, when it was still just ascii graphics.

Heh, just got through the Hell's Arena level and met two Hell Knights.. they looked cute! And then I had to kill them...

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I'm not one to usually like fan games derived from other games, but this is pretty great on its own.

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Hmm, snazzy. Too bad the mac version seems to be wonky. Will grab the Win version tonight.
Cool looking tiles too btw. :)

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