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Miscellaneous demos (part 2) [please post in part 3 instead]

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Thank you, Didier, but it would be nice of you to list the contents of your post as usual so it's clear to the reader what's inside of it without having to look in the .zip themselves.

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The Abandoned Mines II UV-Max in 5:11

Just randomly picked a wad from the wadlist in my boredom and Kim Bach was the first familiar name... The map wasn't half bad though, even though it's supposedly his first release. A lousy one evening effort for the demo with some well-behaving Mancubi.


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I was planning to release these as a demopack for JOW, but I guess I might as well not considering how someone already beat me to it.
Map 10 UV Max in 2:30
Map 20 UV Max in 1:01
Map 29 UV Max in 3:20
Map 30 UV Max in 0:42


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joe, you must put the zipped demo using the "attach file" option in the bottom of the reply post...

also, congratulations to revved for beating my (easily beatable) record!

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