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Miscellaneous demos (part 2) [please post in part 3 instead]

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The first time? That was probably back then when the wad was still just a WIP and I was supposed to be playtesting and stuff... :p

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Rayzik's maxes of all stardate maps

MAP01: 11:57
MAP02: 14:26
MAP03: 19:58
MAP04: 15:51
MAP05: 19:57
MAP06: 33:46
MAP07: 40:54


Then there's also 32 of his zone 300 maxes


Then 32 hellbound maxes


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#DooM Speedmapping Session 1 Map 10 UV Speed in 20
Cyber got 25, so improvement *yay*
Also, I accidently go into the next level, then the demo ends.
Is there anyway to like edit that part out of the demo?


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Grazza said:

1024abc Map03 UV Pacifist in 0:14

I've no idea why I decided to record this. I was just taking a quick look to see if this wad was as bad as could reasonably have been expected.


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Alright, party people. Everyone please start posting demos in the new part 3 of the never-ending random demo spree!

The Plutinya demos weren't split off for a while, because we maxed out the thread again and the site software stopped cooperating (thread too large for HTML POST data). I had to ask Bloodshedder, who kindly manipulated the posts manually in the database. Oh, right...

This is a DooM .LMP "Competition" Entry - Please forward it...



  MD02-939.LMP - Ultra Violence

  Recorded using Doom in all forms imaginable !
  Doom2 -PlayDemo with Legacy

  Doomworld - Doom Speed Demos - "Miscellaneous demos"

  Views           68724
  Replies          1046
  Attachments  727

           ... and Time   939 days, 9 hours, 32 minutes


  Even easier than the first map. Must have triggered a shortcut by mistake, haha! Bring it, mappers!

  The speedrunning community

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