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Gates of Hell (tech demo)

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Ha.... I don't get it. I mean its a neat effect and all, but like, its only a single effect. Are you basing a whole level around this or is this supposed to be some kind of portable script?

The sequence itself just happens to ubrubtly. It would be cool if it started off as a mound of dirt first, and the gate slowly rises out of the ground instead of suddenly like you have it.

Oh, and always post some pics so people know what they are in for.

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It's still a working idea. I'm thinking it as the base for the level(s). Maybe add a new gun that can only effect the gate and use that to "destroy" the gates.

And the problem with the slow rise is that the top of the gate would look weird becuase it does not actually come up out of the ground.

Thanks for he feed back though.

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You could make the top of the gate a 3D floor and have both the ceiling and floor of the control sector move up with the surrounding floors if you wanted to make the gate itself move up outta the ground. Just an idea.

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Very cool effect. Like an anti-donut. It would make for a great Invasion map.

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