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After 2 Years Another Map Attempt

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Played through it. I have some thoughts.

The good news is that it doesn't suck so bad i want to hurt small children.

Some thoughts:

It's too boxy in most of the rooms, try to make your rooms look a little more organic. Right now it kinda felt like an edited slige wad. Pretend it's art and not just a doom map and treat it like a painting. Pick your color scheme, draw your big stuff, then start adding details.

How many well thought out wads have you played? I recommend you play through requiem to get a sense of what good level design looks like.

The last room is a no no in pretty much every respect. Don't put a Mastermind somewhere where the player doesn't have any cover. Also, the pit didn't damage, and some of the jumps were too long.

Don't give up, work on this map more and show us something again after another couple of hours of work.

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I actually had a lot of fun playing this. It has a lot of charm to it that not many maps seem to have.

You used a lot of tight corners and orthogonal walls. Try to experiment with wide, open spaces and variations in ceiling height.

Another thing I'd suggest is to make the lines running along the bridge to the yellow key impassable, that way the player won't get stuck. Or you could make the floor around the bridge damaging slime so the player knows the consequences of their actions.

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I played both versions of the WAD, and here's what I have to say:

The first version was OK, but the final room was impossible to beat without cheats.

The second version was a little better. The final room was really hard to beat, but I managed to beat the Spider Mastermind just when my ammo ran out 100%.

Also, both versions had a glicthy effect in the room that has the box of shotgun shells across the nukage.

So I thought your WAD was OK, and it inspires me to make maps similar to yours in my upcoming Megawad.

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Have not played the updated version yet, but some thoughts from version 1.

1- Level design: try making the level feel more open. The room inside of a room where mostly everything is square just made the level feel too tight. Some spots were nice (Hellknight area) but some felt too restricted.
2- weapon/ammo/health: I thought ammo was pretty good. Kinda tight, at the end mostly (verison 1). I would say that if your gonna put a Arch-Vile and a Mastermind, you should give slightly stronger weapons or more ammo. It was tight on the arch-vile. Health was also a bit sparse everywhere.
3- Gameplay: I actually liked the pace of the level. I thought monster placement was overall pretty good (excpet Arch-vile/mastermind.) I felt the imp trap on the bridge was too easy. Maybe add/replace with shotgun guys or have it happen quicker with faster moving floor lower or door.

Overall I thought it was pretty good. Some texture alignment/bug issues that could be fixed. But that just takes time/practice.

Keep working on them!!!!

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just finished version 2.

I really liked the mastermind area. I like the way you made the borked doors and other hiding spots. Still think some more rockets would have been nice, but I was able to kill him.

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Maybe you could change the link in your first post to the latest version.

The last red light in the first room with the yellow door (pov: start position) is halved. Maybe this has something to do with my resolution (1368*768)

I liked that final room in your first version btw. Was the intention that the player runs past the spider?
The final room in the second version looks better but less surprising.

You managed to make a compact level that gave me a sense of accomplishment after playing it. Thanks.

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