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Wads with 32 main maps

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I'm saying are there any megawads that include the secret maps, 31 and 32 in the main progress? Instead of making a normal exit in MAP15, the player is pushed to go to MAP31 instead going directly to MAP16. And from MAP31, the player is also pushed again to go the secret level MAP32. That makes the megawad main progress longer by 2 maps.

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D2Xtreme. After completing Map15, you go straight to Map31; afterwards, you go to Map32.

There have been a lot of varied opinions over D2Xtreme (along with D2XGold), but this still remains one of my personal favorite WADs.

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For whatever reason, this has always been a slight pet peeve of mine. Squeezing in a couple of extra maps is nice, and Doom 2's secret exit slot is super-predictable anyway, but the sequence of 15->31->32->16 in a mandatory manner makes me twitch. :P

Semi-justification of complaint: If I find what appears to be a clearly "normal" exit in MAP15 (in a wad I know has all 32 maps), I'll immediately start looking for the secret one, resulting in time wasted when I realize I already found it. :(

Also, "otter feast" sounds delicious.

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