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WAD With Consle Exclusive Maps?

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Is there a WAD with all the exclusive maps that you can only find on certain video game consles?

Here's the list of maps I'm looking for:

MAP16: Hell Gate (from Jaguar Doom)
MAP17: Hell Keep (from Jaguar Doom, entirely different map from PC version)
MAP29: Twilight Descends
MAP30: Threshold of Pain (final level of Ultimate Doom)
MAP54: Redemption Denied (final level of Doom II)
MAP57: The Marshes (secret level, entrance from Twilight Descends)
MAP58: The Mansion (secret level, entrance from The Suburbs)
MAP59: Club Doom (super secret level, entrance from The Mansion)

So where can I find these maps?

Here's the source of this info.

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Have you tried Doom 64 EX? ALL the levels are exclusive in this console port.

No I haven't. Do you have a link?

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You GOT to try it!

To be honest, when I started playing Doom, I eventually learned about Doom 64. I downloaded the files to get it to work, and I looked around in the first level. I always wanted to try out Doom 64, and so I decided to download this. It looks really cool, and I'll play through it someday.

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The PSX TC has already been linked, but my Jaguar TC has the edited/new maps from that version without all of the changes made for the PSX version, and it's vanilla compatible. The Jaguar maps were the basis for all of the console ports up until the Xbox versions.

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