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The Eternity WIKI

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Behold, I've done what I should have done years ago: copying the whole classic Eternity documentation into the Eternity wiki. Now you'll have no more reason to get the old docs when it's all in the wiki, and possibly more up to date.

Sorry if some people won't like what I did, but I've always found Quasar's docs the most reliable, and I feel it would only be natural to transition them to the wiki and work the updates on them. It would be best if anyone who works on their own mod go look at the wiki for help, and update it with whatever they've found out new by asking the programmers.

Since I have no editing access to the main page, I've created a table of contents of sorts at the Eternity Engine page. All the articles derived from the old documentation, except the FAQ and Small, are accessible from there. I've divided them into two categories: system (console, command-line parameters etc.) and editing (modding).

Here's how the files got moved:

  1. I deliberately haven't included/linked the Small scripting language documentation. Not just because it's considered deprecated, but because it really doesn't work properly any more: heavily Small-reliant wads which worked prior a certain version will not work after that (Simorgh? Nekhbet?...). So I considered it as inexistent and unrecommended.

    The main page (which I can't edit) still links to "Small" documentation, but I'm not sure if it's a good idea any more.

  2. There are still a few red links, mostly belonging to newer topics (ACS scripting, EDF damagetype). They were never in the old docs, however.
The main page lists some articles of uneven importance. First, it's the Eternity Engine introduction, where I've placed that summary. It's arguably the most important, because it also leads to the major documentation contents of the wiki. Would it be a good idea to templatize that and place that template right on the front page, in a nice frame?

The SMMU article, command-line parms (thanks Quasar for writing it, it wasn't in the docs!), MapInfo would belong well in a template frame like what I was talking about.

The 3DMidTex, portals and linked portals tutorials, as well as other tutorials, might very well belong in another template, that would also be placed at the Main page.

Small is deprecated and abandoned.

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Well done, and more information on linked portals, which is much appreciated since I can only get them to work some of the time.

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