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peach freak

To those who beta test/use Doomsday

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I'm a regular user of and try to test out a lot of things in Doomsday. To anyone here who uses Doomsday and its betas, have any of you encountered an issue where you kill a Shotgun Guy and pick up several Shotguns from that one Shotgun Guy?

This has happened to me a couple of times, and it's funny watching my Shotgun ammo go up from 0 to 50 upon picking up a Shotgun.

I'm sonicdoommario from the Doomsday boards (and ZDaemon, for that matter. I should really keep a consistent name, but peach freak is also my GameFAQs name). I've discussed this issue with one of the admins, DaniJ, but because this issue is rare and difficult to reproduce, it's hard to fix. Apparently this is a longstanding bug which traces back to 1.8.6, according to DaniJ.

I'm asking here because I want to know if anyone else has had this issue. And if so, have you found any consistent way to reproduce this issue?

Hell, if source port developers here might have anything to take into consideration, that'd be great too.


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This is a bad place to post about Doomsday. This is a hangout for hardcore Doomers and Doomsday is too user-friendly and new for them.

I be trollin.

But seriously, I'll be surprised if you get a response from anyone else who isn't a Doomsday dev. I've been testing my mods quite a bit and have never noticed this bug. I've been through quite a few versions too. If I do notice and find a way to consistently trigger it i'll come back and let you know.

It seems like a hard one to test because if you fill a room full of these guys it does not take long to fill up your ammo. I recommend expanding your ammo capacity to make it easier to test.

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