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macintosh wad editing software

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He Big_al, is Newdoom having problems?

I was going to tell the Legacy guys I added one-stop button clicking FS support to DeePsea using any editor you prefer. Before you had to type the name of the level using a generic text tool.

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Another mac user! Yeah! To tell the truth, there's only one real answer to your question: http://www.doomworld.com/wolfendoom/mactools_2.html this is the source of everything I use. Don't ask me what's wrong with "The Doominater" though.

P.S: Aside from that crappy bugged-out doominater program, there's no real way to get inside wads (aside from level and sound editing.) The solution to this is simple: Beg a PC buddy for conversion help!

Best of luck with your editing!

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