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Help with Duke Plus and Duke HRP

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(Short summary at bottom)

First of all: I recently bought Duke3D for the first time a couple days ago, downloaded Eduke32, and played original atomic duke nukem and I must say I was impressed.

But then I found Duke Plus and began to play that, but for it's full effective-ness, you need to install the HRP and enable polymer mod (because having the normal Duke pistols along with a 3D Cruizer shotgun looks fucktarted).

However, Eduke doesn't enable polymer mode for me, saying I have an unsupported graphic driver for OpenGL. I recently upgraded them and was able to play GZ-DooM and dukeplus's startup menu with polymer, but regular Eduke won't load it.

In all: 1:What can I do to fix Eduke32's issue with my graphic driver (I already updated so that's not an option)

2: Which HRP should I download to put in my autoload folder for Eduke32? There's zipfile and then full SFX, but I need SFX installed first apparently, yet Duke Plus says I should put the HRP ZIP file into autoload.

Sorry for any confusion, ask questions and I'll try to clarify.

Thanks for the help!

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