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ZDaemon Thursday Night Survival #30 - Doom 2 Reloaded (Part I)

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This Thursday night we attempt to plough through one of the most successful wads in the ZDaemon community. There's a few changes from the famous [XXX] server, namely a different, less severe palette. Custom music and a few other goodies are included, so come on down and chill out with us as we do what we do best.

Fancy a 3-way? Then be sure not to miss Wednesday Night Flags tomorrow for insane flag-stealing fun. Friday's Monster Mash takes us through Base Invaders II - Ancient Curse - 40 maps of coop goodness. Prefer to Deathmatch? Hang about over the weekend as ZDS plays 'Op-Cow's Attention Deficit Disorder', and FYBO gets intensely competitive as usual. Just grab the latest version of ZDaemon and join all the fun.

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dew said:

hahaha, that's a lot of addon wads

So much so that I found out we hit a limit! "blurswap" and "transpinky1" are now as one. GetWad will pull this 8kb wonder, otherwise: grab it here

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