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3D models instead of player sprites.

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Hello. My name Is Snake Plissken, Im porting GZDOOM to the PS3 with the PSL1GHT SDK and hopefully later to the VITA with the use of a "Half Byte Loader" if not a vareint of the engine. with this im working on a detailed mod for GZDOOM that i will pack with the release for the PS3 and release if first at Relm667 for download for the PC compilation of GZDOOM.(dont get me wronge doomworld4life)

at this point i have just player and player model tweeking to do untill the completion of the demo. to where i hope to have done and released with in the month,
at any rate im haveing issues figureing out how to get my animated .MD3 model into and as the player model for the main player actor in game.

i want to use my .MD3 and its animations instead of the default player sprites and im trying to figure out how to define it. once i get the basics ill know the part when it comes to how to define each indavidual frame.

what i need to figure out is how to connect the .md3 to the player and instead of it useing the sprites.

i think it has something to do with actor definitions but all i can find information on is Player.CrouchSprite

so in the end i guess my question is is . im looking for something like a Player.Sprite definition but i want to know where this is what it is and where it is for me to define it and i woudl also be intreasted in knowing how to conect this to its respected .md3 animation information with in MODELDEF.

so with that thank you. im looking into these things, and maby some one here can help me out. if not no worrys i thank you all so much.

also im sorry if my questions made no sence. feel free to let me know how much of a idot i am. sometimes its hard to juggle so meny volumes of information when it comes to a dozen or so SDKs alone your working with at once.
note to the wise. never take on to much projects at once...

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note: there is a great deal of this i already understand.

i understand:

every aspect that is the MODELDEF lump

:that,in anycase; i would have to define the model and its animations (its frames) in the MODELDEF lump it would then have its ID that would be Associated with what ever function would allow me to use the .MD3 model inplace and instead of the main players skin sprites.

(so when in chace came you see the model and its animations instead of the sprites ( i already have a player model defined. i learned that GZDOOM dose not infact fully support the .MD3 model format or else if it did then playermodels with be fully support along with and souly based on Model TAGs that function indpendently from GZDooMs engine and fully with in the model formatt IF that model format is supported. so instead i have one full and single player model that i animated in skelital ani. then there converting it to frame based animation, all fully .md3 and gzdoom functional. i have animations for crouch idle, crouch movement, walking forwered and backword, straffing left and right. jumping swiming shooting, reloading, aiming down sights.. i would fully understand the nature of defining the model and each of its frames indavidualy.)) the question is HOW do i use .MD3 model inplace of player sprites. or for that matter maby if i new how to replace the main player sprites with my own custom sprites i could go from there in maby perhaps understanding the nature of useing .MD3 models with in place of the main player sprites. perhaps its not even possible? but i belive i have made my questioin very clear. im sorry to gointo it like this, i have been trying to figure this out for a wile and i continue to look, and belive it or not i cant seem to google any information on the matter. and the only thing relivent of the matter is info on Player.Crouchsprite. definition with in actorpawn (i belive) i have that down pat but thats only half of it and dose not cover defining sprites inplace for the main player sprites and MOST IMPORTENTLY HOW TO define a model in place

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