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Same way that you'd use the equivalent in other ports.



I am working on adding support for Risen3D's MUSINFO lump, now that it is
supported by both ZDoom and prboom-plus, and is used in the new Memorial wad
for DOOM II which is otherwise completely Eternity-compatible.

In advance of this, I need to support sector actions like ZDoom has, since the
MusicChanger object is a special case of a "player enters sector" action. I
will be allowing type 9998 as "EESectorActionEnter" at the same time.


EEMusicChanger was using the wrong doomednum courtesy of me misreading the
ZDoom wiki page about it.

However, I am going to put sector actions and everything they entail back on
hold until udmf-branch (the next scheduled major project after this one),
because they run into problems with Eternity's current gigantic mess of a
linedef special system.

So, they're not doing anything at the time, apparently.

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PrBoom+ does it the same way as Risen3D. Eternity wants to do it the same way as ZDoom.

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