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Games/Movies that got their names from Doom wads

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Everybody knows that everyone in the entertainment industry isn't creative enough to invent their own brilliant titles, so it's obvious that they resorted to the best source of video game/movie titles there is -- Doom wads.

The rules are simple, post links to wads with similar titles to feature films or video games, followed by a link to information about the game or movie (wikipedia, imdb, homepage, whatever) however, the wad linked to must have been released before the movie or game the title shares.

1. - fear.wad
"F.E.A.R." - Game (2005)

2. - forsaken.wad
"The Forsaken" - Movie (2001)

"Killzone" - Game (2004)

4. - redeye.wad
Red Eye - Movie (2005)

5. - dbsincty.wad
Sin City - Movie (2005)

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If they rip off DMCHOSHO, I'll sue.

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