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Does the Risen3D and the Doomsday engine support quake style static lighting?

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Are there any support for Quake style static lighting for Doomsday or Risen3D engines (similar to Vavoom's static lighting)?


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Doomsday and Risen3D do not.

Best you can do is fake it with textured dynamic lights in either port; Doomsday is good at clipping dynamic lights against walls (certinally compared to GZDoom and Risen3D at any rate).

Or specifically in Doomsdays case, the wip bias lights feature might also be usuable to fake it to a degree.

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Doomsday's bias lighting model is a fully dynamic per-vertex lighting model which allows geometry to cast shadows onto other surfaces. Which, unlike Quake's static lighting is updated when the map geometry changes.

I'm not sure what you mean by "fake it" - you can't fake the results of an algorithm like that used in Quake without actually using a fundamentally similar algorithm. If you mean "obtain similar global shadowing" then yes, you can most definitely achieve that with the bias lighting as that is its whole purpose.

Edit: I've just realised what you were suggesting... Do not even attempt to replicate Quake's static lightmapping by using (probably) tens of thousands of dynamic light sources. That is a sure fire way of completely crippling your frame rate. And moreso, you'd need to actually write your own raycaster to produce the lightmaps (and the defs) you'd need.

Perhaps you can kludge it for one or two specific effects on a single map though.

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Gunrock said:

So dynamic lighting would be a better alternative to just static lighting....?

Being a layman myself, I would say so... that always seems like a better "alternative" to me. But then again, I'm not even sure I understand what static lighting is.

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