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Totally new to Doom!

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CaptainAhab said:

I'll give it a week or two then purchase the complete Doom set off of Steam (I figure it'll be cheaper than buying all of the stuff pre-Doom 3 separately, anyway).

By that time Odamex 0.6 will (hopefully) be near release,

Until then feel free to obtain the shareware version of Doom (called doom1.wad) and join the shareware Deathmatch or Co-op server. People will probably join :)

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40oz said:

All I'm saying is that Doom 2 totally outnumbers Doom 1 in volume of PWADs to download. If you want to play Doom and have tons of extra doom levels to play, you'd get more bang for your buck getting Doom 2 than you would Doom 1.

Not all that big of a deal, since there were map conversion programs from almost the very beginning. Sure, it won't end up exactly the way the author intended (some textures and monsters will be different) but at least you have more maps to play.

Plus now there's Freedoom which fills in the gameplay gaps much better.

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Just a final thank you to everyone who has responded. :)

I'm picking up a RuneScape membership card later, but I will be purchasing the Doom Complete Pack off of Steam within the next couple of weeks.

I've seen each Odamex preview multiple times, and I'm freaking out with excitement.

I installed the Chatzilla Firefox add-on for any IRC needs.

I'm ready. :D

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