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General Rainbow Bacon

Interesting Idea for a boss map

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I just had an idea for a boss map.

It's on map07 and uses the specials, and involves killing "multiple" icon's of sin. Well actually you're just killing arachnotrons and mancs behind where you would usually put the boss brain giving the illusion of killing many icons. Obviously the level would be open up to a point at which you've killed all the necessary "bosses" to open up the next area with more bosses, until you get to the final one which is the actual brain. However, each one will have monster spawners so an element of speed is required to finish the map.

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So, replace all the arachnotrons and mancubi with walls of monster spawners and specialized targets? Clear the first two waves and attack the final one.

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Cool idea. Funny you should bring this up because a friend of mine actually suggested this idea to me last week, almost exactly as you described it. It'd be awesome to see someone execute it well.

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