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Doom Builder 64 Shenanigans

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Currently trying to find ways to resolve this issue with Doom Builder 64 not running for users who already have the latest version of Doom Builder 2 installed. Right now I've compiled the latest version of DB64 using SlimDX (Sept 2011) SDK and I managed to get both editors to run.

Of course it still doesn't work for everyone else BUT me so I am turning my attention you guys and see what the fuck I need to do to resolve this (assuming you know anything about compiling Doom Builder). In the meantime has anyone else been experiencing this issue if DB64 is installed ONLY?

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You must take the SlimDX redistributable from the SDK that you have compiled it with and include that in your setup installer (and run it on installation!). I also recently experienced that SlimDX doesn't always work right when it comes to installing multiple versions. When I spoke to the guys who work on it they told me "it works fine", so that didn't help. For the next release of DB2 I will both install the redist AND install the correct SlimDX.dll file in the program directory (where builder.exe also is) so that it is forced to use that version.

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I did include it actually. I took the one off of DB2's SVN's /setup folder (September 2011) and included it with mine and then recompiled the installer. Users still say that DB64 still crashes due to SlimDX being out of date. I am thinking maybe the older SlimDX is being cached somewhere whenever I recompile DB64 but I am just not sure. Hell I even uninstalled SlimDX redistributable and SDK and reinstalled it back and recompiled the editor again but still no luck.

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