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On the 6,666th day.....

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Today is 6,666 days since Doom shareware was uploaded onto the University of Wisconsin servers....

Some boring facts:

The total time span from December 10, 1993 to March 11, 2012 is 159,984 hours, or 9,599,040 minutes, or 575,942,400 seconds... that's a lot of Dooming!

Celebrate by playing Knee Deep in the Dead today!

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Darkman 4 said:

Too bad nobody noticed when Doom was either 6166 or 6616 days old. :P

Or 666 ;)

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glenzinho said:

Quick, someone tell Tormentor to change his name
to 617!

Then it will just look like he's advertising his area code to let people know he's from Boston.

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