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Adding stuff to a completely empty wad

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Hey guys, me again with another retarded question. Let's say I have a completely empty wad file, no data in it whatsoever. How would I go about adding textures/a colour palette/any other bare essentials to it for it to run? Are there different methods to do this based on what port you plan on using?

Also, would anyone mind giving me a ridiculously dumbed down (but still complete) explanation of how colour palettes actually work?

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Adding anything? Use a wad editor like XWE, Slumped, or Slade3 to import your files. Take your empty wad and add .pngs, sounds, decorate text etc.

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Not sure I understand, but I start by making a dummy map in doom builder, then open it in xwe and delete the map data and add textures etc. to use as a resource wad.

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To add textures in SLADE, create new lumps called P_START and P_END. Just leave them blank, that's how marker lumps work. Import some graphics between the marker lumps, and right-click and Convert them to "doom graphic". Now you have some correctly formatted patches, which are the building blocks of textures in Doom.

Select all your patches, right-click, and Add to TEXTURE1. If you don't already have a TEXTURE1 (and PNAMES) lump, SLADE will prompt you about creating either new empty ones, or ones based on an IWAD. Unless you're making a completely new IWAD yourself, you need to let it base your TEXTURE1 and PNAMES on Doom2.wad's (or whichever IWAD you're mapping for), so that all of those textures will appear in the lists, and will thus be available to Doom when you load your wad.

Adding your graphics to TEXTURE1 will create a new, single-patch texture from each of them, as well as automagically adding them to PNAMES, because it's impossible to use a patch in TEXTURE1 without it being assigned a number in the PNAMES lump.

To add flats, create F_START and F_END markers (or if this is intended for vanilla, FF_START and F_END markers), import some 64x64 graphics, right-click, and Convert them to "doom flat". And that's it. Don't add them to TEXTURE1 or anything like that.

To add sprites, create S_START and S_END markers, put graphics in between them, Convert them to "doom graphic", and don't add them to TEXTURE1 or anything like that.

Sprites' lump names have to match Doom's sprite naming convention (like "TROOA1"), which is 4 characters for the sprite name (TROO), followed by the animation frame (A) and angle (1). Sprites can list two angles and frames (something like TROOB2D8 or whatever), which means that the sprite will be drawn normally for frame B angle 2, and will be drawn horizontally mirrored for frame D angle 8.

Sprites that don't match the sprite naming convention will cause Doom to go kaput. Also, it's not possible to add new sprites in a vanilla wad without the user having to use hacky iwad-merge utilities (or in Chocodoom, using the -merge command line option to load your wad).

Are you wanting to create a new palette completely from scratch, modify Doom's, or import one that's already made from another PWAD? You can select the PLAYPAL and COLORMAP lumps from a wad of your choice and paste them into your own wad.

Color palettes are stored in the PLAYPAL lump. There's one 256-color main palette that's usually used, followed by a bunch of tinted variants of it for damage/berserk (red tints), item pickups (yellow tints), and radiation suit (green tint). They're stored as raw pixel data in 24-bit color, and can be edited as an image in Photoshop (or many other image editors) if you know the right format and dimensions to feed it.

In Doom graphics and flats, colors are referred to by palette index, not by RGB colors. This means that if, for example, color #50 is a light green, any graphics that use that shade of light green will just say "use color #50 here" rather than "use a light green here". Changing that color in the palette to something else like, for instance, deep red, will mean that every affected graphic will have chunks of deep red in green areas.

The COLORMAP lump goes along with the palette, and is stored as raw pixel data in 8-bit color (using the palette derived from PLAYPAL, of course). It, too, can be opened in Photoshop or whatever if you're feeling masochistic. The COLORMAP is a lookup table that tells Doom what color each palette color should be remapped to at each colormap level, when sector lighting and light-diminishing fades are being calculated.

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To add textures in xwe, click the "patches" tab near the bottom, "entry > load" choose your textures, everything gets done automatically.

To add flats in xwe, click the "flats" tab near the bottom, "entry > load" choose your flats, everything gets done automatically.


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I don't know why everyone hates xwe so much... Yeah it's buggy but it saves so much time.

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TimeOfDeath said:

Not sure I understand, but I start by making a dummy map in doom builder, then open it in xwe and delete the map data

There's a quicker way, select "New" from XWE's File menu and give your wad a name.

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