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Porsche Monty

Real "Doomish" surnames

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Check this out, just for the kicks. Straight out of whitepages.com

. Doom
. Caco
. Cyb
. Pinky
. Imp
. Demon
. Spectre
. Revenant

then there's pieces like "Cyber", "Hell", "Knight", "Commando", "Human", "Sergeant", "Former", etc, but no one appears to have been named with a meaningful combination.

yet that's nothing compared to my very favourite...the most unfortunate of the lot....get ready for this....van Impse :)

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I lol'd at how many "Wolfenstein" there were.

That being said, this doesn't look like an official phone company book: it's just a junk repo powered by web crawlers and cybersquatter bots, so anything appearing like a name in facebook profiles etc. will sooner or later find its way here.

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