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Compiling resources

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Hi, haven't been here for a while. I just want to ask if there is someone who would be so kind and help me compile few stuff into a pk3 file? What I want to have:

Custom monsters, weapons, keys, props, spawners (cloud, rain, snow, etc.), powerups.

Most of them are found on realm667, I tried it my self, I got 1/2 of them working then I got thousands of errors, I tried it in pk3 style, with directories etc.

So all Im asking for is someone to precompile me a empty map with predefined stuff so I can already start mapping with custom stuff, hope you understand what I want to do.


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If you provide a list of resources and/or a link to the faulty PK3, I might be able to help.

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I could PM you with the things that I want (all are available on realm667) well, there were more errors, after which I "fixed" one, another appeared, also when it finally executed with no errors, still many things werent listed in DECORATE and if they were, they didnt work, so if you would be so kind and help me premade this pk3 tell me and I will send you a PM with stuff I want, thanks

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Thanks a lot buddy, I appreciate it a lot hopefully you will get it all working :D

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