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The ZDoom Community Map Project 2 Is Official

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Some of you who have been part of the community for more than five years might have been part of the development of the first ZDCMP. Now after seven years, it's about time for the sequel. All you need is two days of free time if you want to join and support the team. Further information and rules can be found in the official development forum at the Realm667. So let's do it again - better, harder, more entertaining than it already was.

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Most of the "Phase 1" slots for the general development and mapping are already taken, only a few ones are left. Though, if you are a talented mapper and would like to detail areas or make sure the design is consistent, there are still free slots in "Phase 2". And, if you would like to beta test, bugfix and adjust the gameplay overall, there are also free slots in "Phase 3". You see, there is enough work to do, even if you are not a mapper or if your time is even more limited.

Link to the sign up thread: http://realm667.com/board/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=2311

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