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Something went wrong on the Forums

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Yep, something went wrong. Althoug I turned off email notification, I always give them about new posts and it spammed full my e-mail.

Please somebody who has the right permissions, help me!

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I've never used e-mail notification myself (what a silly feature...), but my understanding is that changing the setting in your profile/options only alters this for future posts. For all previous posts where you had enabled e-mail notification, it will still work when someone replies to the thread.

You can go back and edit previous posts to turn off e-mail notification (it's one of the options at the bottom). That's fiddly, of course, and maybe there is some way to do it en masse.

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You can click this and that should clear it.

Though if you do actually make use of thread subscriptions, you'll have to resubscribe to them afterwards.

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