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Looking for a wad

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Well, I once play this wad using MS-Dos, however I can't found it in DSDA or doomworld.

The name of this wad is "Alien Doom", note that it's not Alien Vendetta! It's a Ultimate Doom -complevel 3 wad, replaced on "The shores of hell". And the music is used originally.

E2M1 starts in a rectangular grey room with 2 shotgun guys in front.
E2M2 starts in a small brown cavern with 4 doors around.
E2M3 starts in a small grey room.
E2M4 strats in a long grey corridor with lots of barrels in front.
E2M5 starts in a small exit room, with the exit switch besides.
E2M6 starts in a double arrow grey room, and it have a large tech-base in the middle of the map. This map is huge in size.
E2M7 starts in a corridor.
E2M8, fighting the boss in a Aim-and-shoot shooting ciruclar room.

Does anyone what is the name of this wad in DSDA?

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