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Equinox demos

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I recorded a few (well, 15 to be exact) demos in Equinox, and now I wonder - where do I post them? Majority of demos where posted in Miscellaneous thread, but it was considered to give this wad a separate thread, though it did not happen. So, do I post them here, or maybe someone will go through all the pain and split the Equinox related posts?

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Either option was OK. I think "moving" anything from the Miscellaneous part 1 thread is impossible (that's the reason we started part 2), I'll see what can be done. Now please post them below, can't wait!

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splitting can still be done. you need to collect all the post #'s you want moved and ask bloodshedder to do it manually in the database.

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Here is the list of posts, just in case (though I believe one or two posts are missing in the list).

This is a great visually looking WAD, though gameplay could be better at times. But that's not a problem, I found more annoying hanging bodies in sectors with high ceiling, which block the path. Of course, this is not a problem with the "intended" port. Otherwise, I liked the WAD pretty much.

I don't know how other people played Equinox with doom2+, for me it gives W_CacheLumpNum related error, so I recorded all the demos with the "next best thing" - Boom 2.02. Attaching the zip with the following demos:


UV Max in 2:28
NM Speed in 0:58


UV Max in 0:24


UV Speed in 1:24


UV Max in 0:45


UV Max in 6:08
UV Speed in 1:34
NM Speed in 2:18


UV Max in 18:30
UV Speed in 2:47
NM Speed in 4:22


UV Max in 0:23


UV Max in 4:32
UV Speed in 1:21


UV Speed in 2:32

When playing this WAD, I occasionally noticed weird behavior of teleporters (but I'm sure it is not WAD-specific) - sometimes they don't hold the player, and I was moving instantly after teleporting. Later I realized that this tends to happen if I get stuck or walk next to a monster just before teleporting. I wonder whether this behavior is Boom specific or not.


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Awesome! Thanks a lot!

Let me comment on a few:
Maxes: eq08-023 is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. I watched it 5 times already. eq06-608 is very well played. eq071830 - it is hard to criticize anything in it. This is one of the most Max-unfriendly maps I've played, yet you beat me by 5 minutes.
Speeds: whoa, so many Creaphis' records beaten?! eq07-247, eq12-232, what a surprise! All these MAP12 speeds are magic for me, I think I finished this map just once in my life :-P
Nightmares: well, "only three", but c'mon! eq01n058 is actually faster (three tics) than UV Speed!

...I thought I had to advertise them a little, as you're rather modest in your text files.

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Well as someone started this thread, lets make a few maxes for this outstanding wad
Map09 UV Max in 4:47
Edit How did I miss donce's max on this...well back to the drawing board.


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