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Doom Builder 2 Thing Filter Glitch

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Hey guys, there's this Doom Builder 2 glitch that has been bothering me for some time. It's not a HUGE problem, but it's rather annoying. Everytime I start up Doom Builder 2 to work on a WAD, the thing filters would get screwed up.

I made this table to show you what's going on:

As you can see, the four thing filters that are mentioned in the table get screwed up every time I start Doom Builder 2. I created the filter Deaf to help me find deaf monsters in my maps easier, but could that be the cause of the glitch?

So can you guys help me out here?

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CodeImp said:

That is old. Get version here: http://www.doombuilder.com/index.php?p=downloads
There have been several fixes in the Things Filter with this version.

OK, and the glitch is gone. Thanks for the help.

Also, would it be nice if Doom Builder 2 can tell us that there is a new update to download when you start it up so that we don't have to check the website manually, like how some other programs do?

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Since Window alarms the user with a dialog asking for network permissions, I rather don't put any such network feature in DB2 unless it has other network features that are more important and warrant the alarming of the user.

Also, to me it feels like building a media player in a text editor because you might want to listen to music while typing. It feels a bit out of place.

When an update is released, it is usually announced on this website and forum and also on twitter, so it is not done in secrecy.

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