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Carmack On Shadows

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>The next iteration involved attempting to "preload" the standard
>stencil shadow algorithm by the number of clipped away planes. I
>first drew the shadow volumes with depth test disabled, incrementing
>for back sides and decrementing for front sides.

How can you possibly increment for back sides and decrement for the front especially on shadow volumes, don't they need a substitute volume or how is the entire volume counted for? Someone rectify this problem for me, I do not understand.

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You get my sig plus ROFL times 15.
That equals 1997+(1815612*15) = 272136177 points.
But I still think Carmack was talking about programming planes that drop ammo clips :)

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I should have read this article more closely... Carmack's incrementing backsides and decrementing front sides.
If you thought about that for a while, you'd start thinking Carmack was gay.

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Originally posted by Virgil
Here's a link to a picture of the bug:


As you can see, most of the text is either black (the color of the backgound) or illegible.

Netscape 4.7's CSS implementation is utterly utterly broken. Use a decent browser such as IE or mozilla which actually conforms to the CSS specification.

I use Netscape 4.7 (to avoid some of the browser privacy issues IE brings up...)

What privacy issues? Netscape was revealed last week to contain spyware..

Seriously, I am fed up hearing about people who complain that pages dont display in netscape properly. Take a hint. YOUR BROWSER IS BROKEN.

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I didn't understand at all HOW Carmack did it, but I think he made real-time shadows possible on GeForce1 and 2 cards. Which is quite an impressive accomplishment. The good news is that Doom3 will not look like shit if you have anything less then a GeForce3.

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Doesn't my wonderful (not) V3 2000 count? With it's glorious blob shadows? :D

Anyway, I'll see you later Arn in #wirehead for a good 'sawing ok?

As for carmack's thoughts I actually started to understand it right after the bit that gave Linguica a headache.

Not really that hard to understand nowadays...

Oh yeah, I did make a BBC Acorn Model B game a long long time ago so yeah, I filled that dream :)

Now I want to do it again, after I finish my...assigned tasks.

Seeya Arn,

Your fellow UK'er 'sawing fanatic,


P.S. Hope they get out the patch soon, need that Doom SSG fix...weeee (ok, I admit, I'm tired...I'm going now...)

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