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Odamex Saturday Nitro #30 - 32in24-5 FFA

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30 weeks of Nitro! Are you as excited as we are? Time sure does fly around here. Oh yeah, and can't you tell how much we love the 32in24 mappacks? This is only the 900th time we've run one of them over here. Not to worry though, this one hasn't been played yet. It was also decided to once again throw the smaller maps at the back end of the rotation. They aren't bad maps, but the peak of every session is usually not at the end of a rotation. See you there.

WAD: 32in24-5
Maps: 32 (with 01-03, 17, 27 at the end)
Mode: 14-Player DM
Fraglimit: 50
Server: CoffeeNet - DTX1 & MWI1
Date: Saturday, March 17th 2012 @ 8pm EDT

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Note America switched to daylight savings this week, so for people in countries which didn't do the same, Nitro will be starting an hour earlier than you are accustomed. (in 55 minutes at time of writing)

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