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Park of Doom

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Going through an old hard drive today when I stumbled upon all of my old Doom stuff. I used to be a "Hardcore Doomer"(TM) back in 94-95 until I travelled other paths in life, only to rediscover Doom again briefly from time to time until I got back into it heavily last year.

I thought everything I made from back in the day was long lost (and probably should've stayed that way!!) so I am very happy that this hard drive has somehow survived my comings and goings, periods of semi-homelessness and various states of vagabond-ness.

This is one of my better offerings from 1995, Park of Doom:


Very simple by today's standards, back then I had no internet, a shit box PC and everything I learnt about Doom and editing is from what I could find on one shovelware CD called Doom Explosion.

Good for a quick bang or your money back!

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I just finished this.

For an original 1994 wad, this was actually pretty good. Fights in big open areas, and fights in enclosed spaces, lots of secrets, (many of which weren't really secrets) and gameplay was pretty solid throughout. Challenging without being frustrating, which is certainly not something that many wads from that era achieved.

Thanks for posting this. I felt like I had traveled back in time while playing this. They don't make 'em like this anymore!


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Never expected such kind feedback...

Hehe! People still like old-school maps and even try to emulate their styles. See this project, for example.

GZDoom can play only demos that were recorded with it. The best port for demo watching is Prboom-Plus. This post should answer most questions about demos: http://www.doomworld.com/vb/post/546372

How do you quote here?

Look at the bottom right of any post. Or you can just write: [quоte]stuff[/quоte]

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Memfis said:

Look at the bottom right of any post.

Got it!

Checked out your demo as well, you look much calmer playing than I do, and I made it!
Got the demo fever now, I recorded a demo for Jailbreak, which is the second link I posted above:


It's recorded in PrBoom Plus..

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I thought the Doom Park WAD was fun, although it was too easy to find the secrets. Secrets should be harder to find.

Also, I'll try your Jail WAD later.

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NitroactiveStudios said:

Secrets should be harder to find.

That's true... there isn't really any secrets as such, more sectors tagged as secret for the sake of having secrets in the level. If you finish the level you should have 100% secrets, I'm assuming that was what my 1995 brain was thinking, hard to tell these days! In Jailbreak it is the same scenario for secrets as well, except I think for one at the very end...

...Now with source ports telling you when you have discovered a secret it looked pretty ridiculous playing it after all this time, getting secret after secret message when nothing apparent has happened! Maybe I will tweak these levels slightly one day....

Thanks for playing!

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Jail.wad was, I thought, better than Park of Doom.

Great classic Doom ahoy!

glenzinho said:

my 1995 brain

I sure wish I knew what my 1995 brain was thinking when it came to Doom mapping.

Or indeed most things...

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I just played the Jail and Blood Lake WAD, and I thought they were fun.

The Jail WAD had some texturing that could use some work, and the room with the blue key was too intene for me to kill all of the monsters in there.

The Blood Lake WAD was pretty hard at the beginning, but I got through it, and I thought it was fun.

The secrets were too easy too find in both WADs, but overall, I thought they were pretty good.

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Well I played the rejiged version of the Blood Lake WAD, and there was not much of a difference, except for Doom 2 monsters. I likes the rejiged version too.

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