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Washing Machine Skull And Two Others

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I made a picture of some photos and some digital drawing. I have to do some 3 art pieces of different views on complexity to apply to some art school. I hope I get ideas for the other two in time, only two weeks time left to get them done and send the application.

This first one is a view of a.. uh.. skull in a washing machine. How's that a view on complexity, I don't know, I simply tried to make the image look complex.

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Cool... I can't figure out if it's inside out or not. Reminds me of a lost soul.

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I've never had much of a taste for surreal/abstract art, but this is some nice stuff. I like the skull and the red wormy thing the best out of the three. I agree with Use3D that they'd make excellent album covers.

I've never heard of having to submit some art to get into an art school; while that makes practical sense, it also seems kind of odd to me. I was an art major when I first started college and I never had to go through that (just English and Math placement tests to determine what level of classes I could, or couldn't, take in those areas.)

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Cool, thanks all!

I think it's pretty common to do some work/exam/something to get into some higher level school...

Well, if they like these, then they would invite me to some exam/interview type of thing where they make the final decisions who gets in.

Now I feel like I should practice drawing without computer or photos...

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The third one is really good, except for the name you gave it. Very soothing colors. I`d really like to have that as a huge print on my wall. Nice!

The others, not so much. =) Looks like you have used the emboss filter in Photoshop. Yuuuuck!

What kinda art-school is this? Some digital courses I guess?

edit: I just have to point out one more time how nice that third one is =)

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