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Epic 2 question

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Hello all! I've been a casual game/serious gamer on and off, and finally decided to give Epic 2 a spin. I reached map 7, but the intermission screen right before that triggered a massive brain cramp.

What is the music used on the Epic 2 intermission cards? I know for a fact I've heard that some where before, but I can't quite pin point where... I don't think it was Doom. Can any body help me so I can get some sleep?

It's driving me crazy enough that I would ask on a message board. Thanks in advance!

EDIT: After like 40 minutes total of thinking, I finally found it, it was Final Fantasy 8. My fiance and I worked together to find all the summons within the past like 2 years, weird that that song in particular would stick out in my head enough to give me a weird vibe when hearing it again. Music is a strange magic. Thanks in advance to any one who read and was about to answer this!

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I hate it when mappers don't write full music credits. "midi: Daggerfall (composed by Eric Heberling), Mortal Kombat, Hexen2, Daedalus.wad, Eternal.wad, FF8, Heroes2.wad, DV2.wad..." Awesome, so now I just have to find all those wads and game soundtracks on youtube (hoping that they weren't removed by copyright holders) and listen to every song from them. Sounds easy!

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Well, the Daggerfall song is the one played on MAP01. The song played on Ogdoad (MAP28) is this. The rest, I kinda forgot.

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