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Map09 and Map13

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I have submitted latest Map13 (version 025) to incoming (3/18/2012).
As that is a black hole of no return, I include a speedyshare link here.

Map13 rev 025 changes:
Secure lab has been upgraded from its prison look. Removed some bars, added benches and equipment, boxes. Changed some of the lighting.
Can no longer walk out service passage, player is now trapped in secure lab and must work to get out. Must now navigate some crate climbing, and execute a careful leap. Not very difficult.
This also gets player to where they can open secure door. Coop players can post someone to let them out from control room.
Pipes have been added to service passages.
Service passages have been made older, narrower, and partially hidden.
Fixed many hidden lines in map.

Added play hints for Map13 section to map13.txt (included in zip).
Maybe some day there might be a play hints guide.

The latest Map09 (version 10) is in incoming (1/5/2012).
Speedyshare link here.
Map09 rev 10 changes:
Rearrangement of major passages, added entry doors.
Locker room.
Added lighting everywhere.
Added noisy equipment, ventilation, pumps.
Some secrets and hidden stuff moved.

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A long awaited update - thank you and apologies for not being able to process your stuff on the ftp.

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