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Odamex 0.6 Preview #3 - Rock The Vote

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Each Monday, the Odamex development team will put out a new preview video for its soon to be released and highly anticipated 0.6 version. These videos cover some of the new settings and features that will be available upon the release of Odamex 0.6. The third video was released today, entitled Rock The Vote. The first video, A Comfortable Migration, and the second video, Music & HUD are also available in case anyone missed them. For more information regarding these videos and Odamex development, be sure to visit the Odamex website.

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The videos, in convenient embedded format;

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Sweet! Very excited. I'm especially fond of map voting and it's compatibility with maplists with tons of wads. I also really like the randpickup thing too, and the visualization bar for voting.

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