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texture bug issues not seen in different ports

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So, I made a level, playtested and got all of the textures aligned and looking pretty. I played tested on Zdoom and made the level with DB2.

I then gave the file to someone to run through it for me and he had all kinds of texture bugs (mirrors and tutti frutti issues). He ran it with Chocolate Doom.

My question is why did this happen? Does it have to do with the way ports handling the rendering? If so, how do you work it out to make your Wads multi-port functional?


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You have to test for the lowest common denominator. The unmodified vanilla Doom engine, and Chocolate Doom that is based directly upon it, are the lowest you can go and support the least amount of new features.

A common step up from there is BOOM support.

After that, you mostly have to choose what one single port you are targeting, because advanced source ports don't share many features in common.

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Tutti-fruiti is caused by textures < 128 pixels tall tiling vertically. It's a pretty easy error to avoid. I see it most commonly when I accidentally set the lower unpegged flag on stairs. You can also get them if you use transparent textures as an upper, lower, or one-sided middle texture.

A hall of mirrors that doesn't show in ZDoom is probably a drawsegs overflow. That's a bit tougher to avoid and you'll have to modify your map to fix it. If you grab ChocoRenderLimits you can view the seg count while playing.

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spaztacus said:

ok. I was not using any special features (Doom configuration in DB2) but I will keep that in mind.

That you knew about, you mean.

Support for, for example, tiling textures at boundaries other than 128 vertically, or flats larger than 64x64, or textures that are taller than 254 units, are all examples of minor extensions over vanilla Doom that can be activated without deliberately realizing it.

This is why you have to test your wad in vanilla or Chocolate even if you don't think you're violating any of their limitations.

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