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Shareware Doom CD with audio track

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I recall seeing such a CD in a plastic-sleeve collection of 10 or 12 shareware CDs circa 1996-1997. The other CDs were stuff like the usual Apogee/Simtel archive/BBS leftovers, but there was one dedicated to Doom (Shareware Doom to be exact).

It had the Shareware Doom TITLEPIC stamped on it (centered on the Doom Marine), probably contained Shareware Doom (obviously...) along with the usual run of patches/levels/utilities and mentioned that the CD also contained one or more audio tracks (therefore it would be a CD Extra/Enhanced CD) with an exclusive remix of one of Doom's tracks (don't remember which one though).

Anyone ever seen something like that?

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I would have bought it, if not for the burden of paying for the other 11 CDs in the bunch. I only -vaguely- remember that one of them was dedicated to Shareware Apogee/Epic games (Kiloblaster? Whoah!), but definitively remember the Doom CD (the audio track was what ticked me...but then I argued I could just make a tape of E1M1 directly from the SB and save myself the ca. 6500 drachmas the "compilation" cost ;-)

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Reminds me of a 10 CD boxed set I saw but didn't buy back in the 90's, its $80 price tag was the sticking point.

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