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'ThrustThing' Property on DECORATE

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Hi, I've been working on a DECORATE monster (a zombie actually),and I want it to 'strafe' just after he shoots. I tried with 'A_FastChase' but It's not what I want, I saw this 'ThrustThing' property on the ZDoom Wiki but I don't know how to apply it to my monster, Can anybody help me?

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ThrustThing is an action special, not a property. Gotta keep the jargon straight.

Since you can call action specials from states like you'd call an action function, you should do that. Since you'll want the direction to be relative to the monster's facing, you'll have to use a DECORATE expression, which is simple to do since one is even given as an example right in the ThrustThing article.

MOOK A 4 ThrustThing(angle*256/360+64, 30, 0, 0)

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